Thursday, 5 January 2012

France: ARDHIS calls for donations

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Translated by F Young

Struggling to provide the material support needed by the refugees that it follows, like Brenda from Uganda, ARDHIS is calling for donations. [ARDHIS stands for Association pour la
reconnaissance des droits des personnes homosexuelles et transsexuelles à l’immigration et au séjour
(association for the recognition of the right of homosexual or transgender persons to immigrate and to stay).]

Here is a translation of the text of their appeal:
"ARDHIS regularly enjoys the success of asylum applications filed by LGBT people who, like Brenda, had to flee her country because of her sexual orientation or identity. However, the path of asylum seekers in France too often still seems like agony, where the physical conditions are unworthy of a country as prosperous as ours.

“By providing just under 10 € (c. US$13) a day, and no shelter, to people who are not allowed to work and are often isolated, France reduces into poverty those who come to ask for its protection. At its level, ARDHIS tries its best to respond to the most alarming emergencies, but is struggling to cope with the current influx of asylum seekers and with weather conditions that make housing essential.

“That is why today ARDHIS appeals to your generosity and hopes to raise enough to help those who urgently need a hotel room (20 € or US$26 per night), warm clothing, a transit pass (60 € or US$78 per month) or a phone card.

“You can participate by sending a check to ARDHIS c/o Centre LGBT Paris-IDF, 63, rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris, or by bringing your donations on the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of each month at our roundtables held at this same address at 11 am."
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