Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Two gay men nearly lynched in Uganda

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Security of two suspected gay persons arrested and released from Makerere and Wandegeya police posts in Uganda is a major concern since Mitchell Hall Gardens’ residents, where they were arrested, believe lynching would be the perfect solution to stop their alleged homosexuality.

Eye witnesses claim that the two were found engaging in ‘homosexual activities’ at around 10pm on Wednesday 8 December.

“The person who found them, known only as Tamale, called other hall residents and they arrested the two. The mob wanted to lynch them but the Hall security intervened and the two were taken to police”, Adrian Jjuuko of Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum Uganda (HRAPF) stated.

It is alleged that on the day of the incident all residents expressed outrage at what happened and many said lynching would have been the best way to make them stop their homosexual conduct.

“The police however, despite being uncooperative with the lawyers, largely did not express homophobic views about the two and treated them as suspects rather than convicts”, Jjuuko added.

After the two were released on police bond today, one was admitted in hospital due to injuries sustained during the assault and the other was taken home by his brother.
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  1. Not all Ugandans are in support of the gay bill...


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