Friday, 19 November 2010

In Congo, a young lesbian "nearly lynched"

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Source: WISH

By Thierry

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In the Congolese province of South Kivu was recently a 21-year-old woman nearly lynched because of their sexual orientation. Reported that the Congolese Association Hirondelles gay-Bukavu. The facts have played out in the village Cinjoma I Mudaka in the territory (South Kivu).

The woman was the accusation that she had sexual relations with other women in the village. By intervention by the administrator of the territory Mudaka could avoid the worst.
On September 4, 2010 a woman went to the village chief of Cinjoma I to tell her that she had caught the 21-year-old to her adult cousin. The news spread like wildfire through the village.

The cousin, the so-called "victim" had to participate in a prayer meeting to be liberated. The other woman was described as "witch". The villagers wanted to bring her to life and thus protect the village for its "evil influence".
The administrator of the territory was aware of the plans of the villagers. He contacted the police, national intelligence and the military to prevent a fatal outcome. The administrator warned the villagers that they should not kill the lesbian. If they did so, then the perpetrators are brought to justice.

The two women are now caught "undesirable" in their village and in surrounding villages. Day after day they are taunted by the other villagers.

The association Hirondelles-Bukavu is unhappy about this flagrant violation of human rights. No one shall be discriminated against or attacked because of his sexual preference, it sounds.  Hirondelles-Bukavu is deeply concerned about the situation and wants the court an investigation anyway. The association also wants the government is doing everything possible to protect people who are persecuted because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
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