Monday, 6 December 2010

In UK, another gay African asylum seeker threatened with removal

Source: Movement for Justice

Garrick Sebaduka Mugalu, a gay Ugandan asylum seeker who has resided in Britain for the past nine years, is fighting for is right to remain in Britain.

Garrick was subject to police interrogation and beatings in Uganda for his sexuality by the state authorities: “I was interrogated and then beaten with wooden sticks, wire cables, wooden fire and kicked heavily with hard boots”. He was then taken to a cell where the beatings continued with 20 prisoners.

He fled the country and headed for the UK where he was assured by friends that he would no longer live in fear for his life.

The Secretary of State has chosen to not acknowledge the fact that Garrick is gay, despite testimonies from friends, previous boyfriends and pictures supporting this fact. Moreover the Secretary of State believes “there is no evidence to confirm that homosexuals are persecuted in Uganda”.

This is an outright lie; homosexuality in Uganda is illegal; there is no protection for homosexuals; the Anti-homosexuality Bill is the government’s most recent expression of its inherent hostility toward sexual minorities.

Movement for Justice will be demonstrating outside the immigration courts before Garrick’s appeal is heard and sitting in court alongside Garrick.

We encourage all anti-racist, anti-homophobic and anti-torture organisations and individuals to attend the demo and resist this state’s attempt to put Garrick’s life in danger. The details of the court hearing are as follows:
Tuesday 7th December 9am

Immigration Tribunals
Gloucester House
4 Dukes Green Avenue
Faggs Road
Feltham TW14 0LR.
Garrick is a valued member of our community - we won’t let him go!

If you would like more information on this topic or to demonstrate with Movement for Justice contact us at: MFJ, PO Box 27497, London, SW9 7HU
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