Friday, 31 December 2010

Gay Moroccan Karim loses French deportation fight

Lawyer Uldrif Astié, Karim (back)
Source: Têtu

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By Mathieu Bouthier

The Bordeaux Administrative Court on Wednesday rejected the request for cancellation of the order of deportation on Karim, a young Moroccan gay 25.

Bad news for Karim, the young Moroccan homosexual who, since December 22, is within the scope of a prefectural deportation ( see our article ), the application for cancellation of the order made on Monday because was rejected by the Bordeaux Administrative Court Wednesday, December 29.  In fact, the warden will not grant the residence permit is also requested.

The request by lawyer Uldrif Astié was based in part on the fact that the young Karim could both return to the prison in Morocco, but also the disapproval of his family who does not accept his homosexuality. The court was deaf to these arguments, especially considering that if Karim "argues that because of his homosexuality, he is liable to penalties under the provisions of Article 489 of Morocco's penal code, in case of return this country, it does not support these allegations evidence to establish that the decision on the country of destination would expose him personally to inhuman or degrading within the meaning of the above texts.

As a reminder, Morocco, since 1956, thousands of homosexuals were imprisoned for their sexual preference regarded there as an offense.
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