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In France, one gay Ugandan refugee tells his story on TV

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'Ouganda, au nom de Dieu' (Uganda, on behalf of God), broadcast December 17 on French gay channel PinkTV, received the 2010 prize for best documentary at Chéries Chéris, the LGBT film festival in Paris. It follows Auf, the involuntary hero of this film.

This Ugandan baker's life was destroyed when it was outed by a local tabloid, Red Pepper. He lost his job, his house, and, miraculously, escaped certain forfeiture or even probable death by fleeing to France. Auf learn French and now tries to bring together all people of goodwill to fight against homophobic laws which could soon be enacted in his country.

Directed by Dominique Memin, 'Ouganda, au nom de Dieu', is a documentary with a punch. Auf's statements, with no frills or pathos, are chilling. Meet the survivor activist.

TÊTU: Why did you agree to be filmed in this documentary when you are the subject of repeated attacks from the Ugandan press?

Auf: Actually, I was already in the media. . . But I really wanted to know why I was a victim and who wanted me at this point! My desire was to share my experience and understanding to others like me that they were not alone ...

TÊTU: How do you explain the homophobia that is currently ravaging Uganda?

Auf: I think people lack information about sexuality. Leaders, pastors, priests, imams and feed them false information and this leads to violence.

TÊTU: You are always Muslim?

Auf: Yes and believer.

TÊTU: Today, you live in France ...

Auf: I am entitled to remain in France for ten years. I seek work and I learn French. I want to support and develop the association AGLOAH (African Gay and Lesbian Association Against Homophobia). France is the country of human rights. I want to continue my fight to save by other gays. I hope to mobilize people around the world in my fight. And who knows, one day return to Uganda.

TÊTU: Are you still in touch with your family?

Auf: My friends and my family have been harassed by questions about how he could live next to a gay and why I was becoming. They do not care about my fate. Only my grandmother and me protected time, the fact ...

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