Friday, 31 December 2010

In Burundi, young trans woman tortured by nuns

Source: ILGA

By Stéphane Tchakam, Charge de Communication Pan Africa ILGA

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The association MOLI just take up the case occurred a few months ago.

Only months later did the Mouvement pour les libertés individuelles (MOLI), Association of Burundi, had the information. A young person aged 17 had suffered abuse at August 15, 2010 Mugera, 25 kilometers from the city of Gitega in Burundi.

That day, jour de la fête catholique de l'assomption, CBR (the Feast of the Catholic Assumption), is called that, goes to Mugera to the orphanage run by nuns, even where she spent a part of his childhood. Evil takes him since, soon accused of theft, obviously wrongly, CBR is tied almost nine hours in a shower of the hotel.

Even innocent, CBR is seen to treat all ills and is seen particularly blame her feminine allure. It was already well at the time this orphan was living with the nuns who had gathered. Life was not easy since the appearance of this young boy was a problem. He behaves like a girl when he is physically a boy.

For staffing reasons, CBR leaves the center and finds a host family in a certain Madame Agnes. There, life is much better since CBR is continuing his studies.

This is only for wanting to visit the nuns that CBR had its mishap. And nothing has settled since the abuse has left its legacy. She still can not use his hands or even to move his forearm. It must be remembered that CBR had been tied securely.

MOLI Executive Director, Christian Rumu which the information relates, indicates that CBR needs care. A complaint was lodged at the High Court of Gitega by the nurse of the young trans. Lawyers Without Borders has examined the case even though Ms. Agnes does not know where this is the case. MOLI is mobilizing to provide necessary assistance to the young person.

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