Sunday, 21 August 2011

Video: Effect of criminalisation on LGBT persons in Uganda

Adrian Jjuuko, the coordinator of the Uganda Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law, a body that was formed to counter the proponents of the anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda, explained the legacy of the anti-homosexuality laws in Uganda as being from the so-called common law that was from the colonial era and also elaborated on other proposed laws that are meant to discriminate against LGBTI persons.

He is speaking at the 'LGBT Identities, Governance, and Asylum' session at the 13th conference of the International Association for Studies in Forced Migration (IASFM) held in Kampala, Uganda, July 3-6.

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  1. He is very brave. I really admire him for speaking here and even teaching me something new. I know a lot of africans try to ignore or act like homosexuality wasnt commonplace before the colonies came trottin' along. We must fight this silly oppression of our fellow humans. It is not productive or becoming of any good.


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