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In Venezuela, fourth transgender woman killed in 2011

A 24 year old transgender woman was killed 23 July on Caracas' notorious Libertador Avenue.

Source: Diversa Venezuela

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The Coalition made ​​up of Venezuelan LGBTI Diverse Civil Association, Metropolitan Community Civil Association and individuals working for human rights of those sectors excluded because of their sexual orientation, identity and / or gender expression, ethnicity, political views, religious orientation , employment status, health status, economic status, or differences of any kind, to the public:

Whereas the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, stipulates in its Article 43 that the right to life is inviolable for all without distinction of any kind. Likewise, the Venezuelan government has signed and ratified several international instruments related to this right.

Recalling that the right to life is closely related to other human rights through the principles of indivisibility and interdependence.

We therefore condemn violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity which is a clear indication of violation of human rights of transsexuals, transgenders, transvestites, intersex, gay, lesbian and bisexual people. We're talking about the violation of the right to life, personal integrity, public safety, as well as the free development of personality. That ultimately aggravate the right to life by the significantly increasing impunity and violence in all walks of life.

We condemn the murder of Samantha Rendon Nazareth who, after receiving multiple gunshot wounds in a car dies in Caracas on July 23, an act of criminality linked to discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, this being the fourth murder so far this year against trans people.

The structural violation of the right to non-discrimination, transsexuals, transgender, intersex, gay, lesbian and bisexual are the product of economic factors and a heterosexist, patriarchal, macho cultural background in Latin America.

We express the vulnerability of transgender people, transgender, transvestite, is compounded by the fact the lack of legal recognition of an identity consistent with his physical-psycho-social, which leads to the removal of almost all elementary fundamental rights: the right to education, health, safety, work, freedom of movement, to enjoy decent housing, leading to the vast majority have no other option for survival than sex work, particularly in the street, a fact which, in turn, increases the vulnerabilities in the area of ​​personal safety and health.

We ask therefore:

The State and its Institutions:
• That the State take appropriate measures to protect and guarantee the right to life of all people, without distinction whatsoever to ensure the inviolability of the right to life, especially the most vulnerable victims of any form of discrimination and social exclusion.

• That crimes are investigated immediately and impartially in all cases of violation of the right to life.

• The investigation and prevention of crimes especially of the historically vulnerable and excluded from our country, understanding that these murders could be perpetrated by individuals or organised groups with malice aforethought, which may be described as hate crimes .

• The appointment of a special team of prosecutors investigating acts of criminality, violence and murder perpetrated on account of sexual orientation identity and / or gender expression.

• The National Assembly change the definition of the category "hate crimes" in the Venezuelan Penal Code.
Finally, the Venezuelans:
• We stand with all those belonging to the peasant movement and of association with cases murdered by hired killers and police action, as well as the different committees of victims of police abuse in the country and hundreds of families in Venezuela bereaved by the violence, leaving it clear that our struggles are linked because we understand that we are still under an oppressive model that while trying to transform, in that space of time is claiming the lives of vulnerable people in our country.
In Caracas, on the twenty fourth day of July 2011.

Cesar Nuñez Sequera Yonatan Matheus
Metropolitan Community Diversa Venezuela AC AC
Spokesmen for the Venezolana LGBT Coalition

Organizations, movements and / or individuals wishing to join this call contact: or or

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