Monday, 25 July 2011

In Italy, concern over risk of removal of gay Moroccan refugee

Source: Arcigay

Giorgio Dell'Amico, National Migrant Head of Arcigay

UPDATE, 1 August: Dell'Amico reports;
"I am happy to inform you that the Moroccan gay boy who risked expulsion is now finally free!!!"
UPDATE: As Giorgio notes in the comments, a petition is to be presented tomorrow for K to be released. More (in Italian, Google translation).

Arcigay expresses great concern about the risk of repatriation of K., a Moroccan citizen detained in a CIE [detention centre for migrants]. He has applied for international protection and this was agreed by the Territorial Commission for the recognition of international protection of Turin.

The cause of the detention of K. risk and return is the fact that, despite numerous requests made ​​by his lawyer, the police from May 2010 has not yet notified to K., who was in prison, the decision of the Territorial Commission. At the same time his expulsion has been ordered.

Even the judge who must validate the expulsion has not held that he cannot be expelled until he is notified of the decision of the Commission

For this, with his lawyer has decided to immediately appeal to the ECHR and report the case to the UNHCR. We appeal to all political forces and institutions to intervene as soon as possible to safeguard the life and freedom of this guy.

K. should not even be held and pursuant to art. 7 of Legislative lgs. 25/2008 is entitled to remain in the territory of the state for as long as the procedure of recognition.

If K return to his homeland he would be exposed to serious risks. While imprisoned, he knew that he could apply for asylum because gay and news that has come even to his family who have stopped talking to him and some brothers have threatened to tell police if returned in Morocco.

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  1. breaking news!!!
    probably the guy Wednesday, will be released!!! Thanks everyone for the support!!! I was by him today at the CIE when I received the call of the lawyer who gave me this news


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