Monday, 27 June 2011

In France, gay Senegalese man finally wins asylum

Rally in Grenoble for Abdou

Source: Yagg

By Julien Massillon

The precarious situation of gay Senegalese asylum seeker Abdou in France has ended.

Abdou fled to France after being expelled by his father because he was gay. June 23 he received  refugee status from the National Court of asylum. His case has received support from several associations in eastern France, where he lives, as well as local elected representatives.

He was arrested in October 2010 and told he would be removed to Dakar, where homosexuality is punishable by sentences of up to five years imprisonment.

Now out of danger, he can start a new life in France. The Lesbian and Gay Pride de Lyon , the collective CIGA.LE. Grenoble and SOS Racisme Rhône-Alpes in a statement expressed their relief.
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