Monday, 27 June 2011

Audio: Fleeing Sri Lanka and Senegal: LGBT asylum seekers in the UK

Camden Community Radio celebrates Refugee Week with interviews with:

  • Hari, a gay asylum seeker from Sri Lanka, talks about how his blog, written from Jaffna, got him into serious and life-threatening trouble with the Tamil Tigers. After moving to Colombo his blogging gets him into more trouble with the government.
  • Peter Tatchell about the issues facing LGBT refugees and asylum seekers from Sri Lanka and how these are denied by the Home Office. Tatchell explains how the threat from families of 'honour killing' is not recognised.
  • A gay asylum seeker from Senegal. After being rejected by his family he is forced onto the streets and into prostitution to survive. There he is attacked several times and nearly killed. Helped to escape he gets to Spain, but that proved to be dangerous as well.
  • Presented by: Jayson Mansaray

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