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Saturday, 19 February 2011

In Cameroon, young gay man nearly burned alive

Source: ILGA

By Stéphane Tchakam

[Google translation]

In late January 2011, Serges T. was nearly burned alive by a mob in Douala angry because of his homosexuality.

The mishap Serges T. occurred Jan. 28, 2011 at Bonaberi. It was then two o'clock in the morning when this young man is awakened by a cousin, himself dragged there by "a pack of about fifteen people," according to statements Serges T. There are in fact members of a vigilante group to a nearby neighborhood. Vigilante groups in some cities in Cameroon, are responsible for ensuring the safety of people at night. Groups that are often illustrated with blunders.

While Serges does not resolve open, self-defense force out the door and the occupant forcibly accusing him of being a fag.
"They told me they knew I'm gay and that homosexuality is a cult. They told me I had no right to live in the neighborhood.They decided to set fire to my room.  My lessor has begged him not to."
They collect money, however, mobile phone and other interesting object. Serge is dragged out of the room and beaten copiously.
"My body is swollen and they have used laths, sticks, anything they could lay their hands on."
We even suggested burning bright since he spends a tire around his neck and is doused with gasoline, as is done in some corners of the city with the thugs.
"These guys are self-defense of my own neighborhood who came to see what was happening and objected to what it burns me. Still, they kicked me out of the neighborhood and shot other people in the crowd have listed a number of my relatives and they also say that homosexuals are searched in the neighborhood to suffer the same fate."
This is worse off than Serges T. visited the office of master Nkom Alice to tell her story. Prepared to testify openly, but he made his way to his hometown to heal and rejuvenate.

Following the case of funding announced by the European Union LGBT Project, a wave swept homophobic in the Cameroonian press in particular. They are also journalists who issued a fatwa against homosexuals, inviting them to hunt down and burn them. For the association led by master ADEFHO Nkom, "it is the hunt that began homo."
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