Sunday, 11 July 2010

Gay Ghanaian faces threats if he returns from UK

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A 24 year old Ghanaian based in the United Kingdom who has been away for the past seven years is reportedly finding it extremely difficult if not impossible to return home due to an alleged threat by his extended family as well as the community in general.

Indeed he faces banishment from his hometown in the Eastern Region anytime he steps foot there. The leadership and family elders are up in arms with George Archie, a royal of the town whom they accused of bringing curse and the anger of the gods on the community.

The anger of the community against one of its own stems from frequent reports from other members who live in the UK with George that he has become a known homosexual, thus bringing shame and disgrace on them

Having received these reports, his family and elders have vowed by heaven and earth to ensure that George does not come back to the town with his bad luck. According to them, this is the first time in the history of the town that a native has declared publicly that he is a gay.

This revelation, according to them is an abomination which has the potential of bringing serious repercussions on the town and its inhabitants. They have subsequently warned George’s family back home to advise him to stay away from the town forever or have himself to blame anytime he comes around.

This paper is reliably informed that though George is willing to come back home after being away for so long, he is afraid to do so for fear of the unknown.
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