Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Paraguay: young lesbian caught and tortured by her own family

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As reported a few days ago the Human Rights Coordinator of Paraguay ( CODEHUPY ) and the group for the rights of lesbians Aireana, Norma Beatriz Machado, a young lesbian of 21 years, a native of San Pedro department, was kidnapped and tortured by their own relatives , after announcing his decision to move into the house of his girlfriend.

"This girl, who lived with his aunt and uncle decided to reveal their sexual preferences and move into the home of his partner, but since then the attacks started against him," says Judith Grenna of aerated. "After moving, it was taken to death by some relatives and significant others and dragged to a car, where they covered his mouth, squeezed her neck and beat her, then move it to the house of his parents in Villa del Rosario, San Pedro department, where fled with the help of an uncle, "said Grenn. Family members retained the girl were his mother, brother, uncle and cousin. She stayed incarcerated and held incommunicado for nine days.

After escaping, she turned to for help. "C0mo is a family influence, no lawyer wanted to take the case," he said Grenn. Finally it has been the Coordinator of Human Rights which has taken the step. One of his lawyers, John Martens, representing the victim.

A family influences

Martens has accused, in fact, the prosecutor Martha Sandoval hinder the complaint against the family of the young and refer them to agencies that do not correspond. This is, remember, from a family with influence. Among those accused are the former commander of Police Commissioners Viviano Machado and Machado Innocent and Vidal, uncle of the young. The complaint also involves fiscal Marcial Machado and Judge Edith Coronel Machado.

"Vidal, Innocent and Viviano went to the house where the girl lives with her partner and then beat them both. Then he took his niece to Tapití-owned company to Machado-and there was psychological torture. He said it was wrong to be lesbian and had to change. Finally the girl was taken to Villa del Rosario, San Pedro Department, where he remained nine days locked in a house, until he escaped, "he told the lawyer.

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