Sunday, 4 April 2010

Syria: Police raids two gay parties in Damascus on the same day

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Source: Gay Middle East - 26 March

GME Reporter in Syria: Mutanabbi

Gay men in Syria try to have private parties in remote places where they do not cause any kind of disturbance to others trying to avoid any inconveniences that might be inflected on them.

On the 25th of February 2010, there were two private parties in Damascus, each one was at least 3 km far from the nearest inhabitant area, yet the police managed to raid those two parties depending on a tip given to a policeman by a bar owner in Damascus who overheard a phone conversation discussing the parties. Fortunately, a gay man was present at the time and he called a few guys he knew that were going to those parties, warning them about the raids. When the police arrived everyone had already left and no arrests were made.
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  1. what are these people afraid of ? its the 21st. century for gods sake. gays always have,and always will be, an integral, normal, and healthy part of life. ignore bigots,and hypochrites, be gay and be happy.


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