Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Ms. Smith: Do the right thing

By Omar Kuddas

If Babi was from a religious minority and being persecuted he would give asylum straight away as the British Home Office seems to think that persecution of the religiously inclined is considered grounds for asylum.

However in the case of persecution of homosexuals the British Home office has shown time and time again that it is often those very same religiously inclined people who are doing the persecuting, and the last thing that they want to do is upset the Religious fraternity.

When are they going to learn and understand that persecution is persecution, and it does not matter if it's for being gay or for being Jewish, Muslim Christian, or whatever.

The world's LGBT community has to unite and make itself heard and demand that sexual preference is just as much a fundamental right as any other and should be respected, by the mere fact that we are all born human and equal.

Asylum was designed and introduced to protect the basic fundamental rights of the week and venerable from harm, persecution and torture.

Unfortunately the world and especially the British Home Office seems to have forgotten this very principal and their broken stereo record of typical reasoning for refusal for asylum and expecting gay asylum seekers to be “discreet” in their home countries is ludicrous.

For it would be no different than saying that if the British were not so British (“discreet”) before World War II Hitler would not have invaded /had any problems with Britain.

Just how many more innocent lives and blood have to be spilt before the British Home Office realises that we refuse to remain silent and have injustices carried out in our name.

Please Ms Smith, the world has shown its disgust and made its feelings clear when you tried to deport Madhi Kamazi back to Iran and you have proved before that you are capable of compassion.

Do the right thing again, and put the Great back into Britain, before the world again shows its condemnation and protest at your actions.

omar kuddus 2008/9/17


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