Thursday, 13 March 2008

Victory #1!

British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced a temporary stay on Madhi's deportation."Following representations made on behalf of Mahdi Kazemi, and in the light of new circumstances since the original decision was made, I have decided that Mr Kazemi's case should be reconsidered on his return to the UK from the Netherlands."

The "new circumstances" is the campaign for Madhi but he is not safe yet. Please continue to make your feelings known, British government policy which allows this has not changed.

"To say that homosexuals are safe as long as they are discreet and live their lives in private, is to say that Ann Frank was safe from the Nazis in WWII as long as she hid in her attic."

"The British Government has for once done the right thing and given this young man a chance and hope for his future. For sexuality is as much a fundamental right as any other."

"I am grateful that Madhi can now make his case and establish the true dangers awaiting him in Iran."

Omar Kuddus, gayasylumuk


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