Thursday, 1 December 2011

Research help: LGBTI refugee detention in Greece and Mexico

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The George Washington University Law School International Human Rights Clinic, in collaboration with The Organization for Refuge, Asylum, and Migration (ORAM) is researching the human rights implications of subjecting LGBTI individuals to immigration detention in Greece and Mexico.

Immigration detention inherently implicates numerous human rights norms, and the probability that LGBTI detainees will experience multiple levels of marginalization is especially acute. This project seeks to expose the unique protection gaps LGBTI detainees face in immigration detention, identify the international, regional and domestic legal obligations of the detaining States, and to make recommendations for States to better address these shortcomings that have previously not garnered any attention.

The IHRC Detention Team is seeking individuals who can share relevant experiences of detention in either Greece or Mexico for inclusion in the report we are authoring. Testimonials from migrants and refugees, including former and current detainees, would be used to give an accurate portrayal of the situation in Greece and Mexico, and to ensure appropriate representation through compelling personal stories

If you know of individuals or service providers that would be willing to assist, please contact Katerina Herodotou at We are completing this project in mid-December.
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