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Belarus KGB harassing LGBT activists

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Source: Gay Star News

By Andy Harley

An 18-year-old activist at the GayBelarus LGBT human rights project has ignored an ‘invitation’ by the Belarus KGB to meet for further ‘discussions’.

He was summoned to attend the KGB office in Hronda, a city close to the border with Poland and Lithuania, on Monday.

The young activist ‘declined the invitation’, which came 12 days after an initial interrogation by KGB officers.

‘They asked me about the management of [GayBelarus] and some of its members,’ he said, referring to the first grilling, in a statement released in Minsk today. The young activist does not want to be named.
‘In particular, they asked me about the address of the organisation’s leader Siarhei Androsenka. They also offered cooperation with them to report on what is going on inside the organisation.’
Another GayBelarus activist Maksim Haikou was interrogated in Vitsebsk by KGB agents who inquired about the plans by GayBelarus to hold a gay pride in the city, close to the border with Russia.

Also in Vitsebsk, one of the co-founders of GayBelarus who is studying at the city’s university, has been accused of ‘undermining the moral basics of the state’ and promoting an ‘unhealthy lifestyle’ following a conversation with deputy dean of her faculty.

Several GayBelarus co-founders have recently received phone calls from the Ministry of Justice. Officials quizzed them on whether the activists actually attended the GayBelarus founding congress on 15 October.

‘This is a situation I have foreseen – the active stand of our organization could not but attract attention from the state,’ said GayBelarus leader Siarhei Androsenka.
‘We all know in what state we are living. I am calling on the activists not to fear such situations and report on them to the organisation’s leaders.’

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