Saturday, 26 November 2011

Video: Sri Lankan gay activist speaks out

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By anonymous

I am recording this video because I was arrested and put in jail two times in Sri Lanka for being a gay person. I am not mentioning my name here or either showing my face because I have to go back and forth to Sri Lanka to visit my parents. My parents do not allow my sexuality and I am not out to them about it.

I am safe and living my gay life happily because now I live in outside of my country. I know lot of my fellow gay brothers and sisters are suffering in Sri Lanka because they were persecuted by Sri Lankan police and not getting any help from the Sri Lankan government either. Not only that, they were not accepted by the traditionally thinking society in Sri Lanka.

Homosexuality is a criminal offense according to the penal code 365A in Sri Lanka. That you could be arrested and put in jail for up to 12 years.

This is only two of many persecution incidents happened to me in Sri Lanka for being a gay person. Also, there are so many other gay brothers and sisters who have had or still having similar kind of persecutions or even worse incidents in Sri Lanka because of their sexuality.

Most of these incidents are undocumented as everybody is scared to come out and tell about it.

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