Friday, 11 November 2011

Russian gay activist attacked, police look on

Poster by Novosibirsk LGBT activists
By Paul Canning

Russian gay activist Bulet Barantaev has identified one of a group who attacked him and is demanding the police investigate.

Barantaev is the head of the Novosibirsk (the largest city of Siberia) LGBT organization 'Gordo' and was beaten, stripped and had eggs thrown at him after returning from the Mayor's office 10 October after lodging another notice requesting permission to hold a public action. The attackers despite shouting "Oh, you fag!" easily escaped in spite of the presence of police.

Russian authorities are known for refusing such notices but approving those of far-right Nationalists and Russian Orthodox religious groups calling for 'death to gays'.

He found a photograph of the attacker on social media.

Because the authorities knew he was coming to the Mayor's office, says Barantaev:
"The attack itself was inspired by some of the people of the Municipality of Novosibirsk."
Barantaev demonstrations in Novosibirsk are noted for calling for tolerance of gay teens, as well as talking about the prevalence of homosexuality in the animal world.

The public action he was requesting permission for is called "All types of sexuality - are natural."

They planned to provide information about the 2% to 25% of the different species of animals and birds who exhibit homosexual behaviour, and thus prove that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon and not a consequence of "fashion", "propaganda "or" influence of debauchery "on television.

The mayor of Novosibirsk, Vladimir Gorodetsky, a member of Vladimir Putin's party, has called LGBT activists an "abomination."
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