Monday, 14 November 2011

Rally held for trans rights in Bangladesh + video


Several organisations have taken out a procession in [Dhaka] to motivate people to pull Hijras (transgender minority) to the main stream of society

Information secretary Hedayetullah Al Mamun inaugurated the procession, organised by Skill Development Project of the education ministry.

Students of Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre's Group-E started the project.

Mamun said at a rally, held in the Dhaka University area before the procession, that perceptions will have to be changed to push the 'left-behind' Hijras ahead considering overall development of the country.
"The constitution of Bangladesh says every group of people will have to be brought into the main stream," he said.
Group-E leader Syed Ebadur Rahman said, "Hijras are not well accepted in Bangladesh. Our goal is to change people's view towards them."

Rahman added that they formed a foundation to train and employ neuters.
"It will start working from Nov 15. A total of 32 Hijras have already been trained and employed. The education ministry and the Vocational Education Board has helped us," he said.
The social welfare ministry, Vocational Education Centre, Social Service Programme, Persona Institute, Bangladesh Chalachchitra Sangsad and several other organisations joined the programme.

According to a report by a non-government organisation, there are 35,000 Hijras in Bangladesh.

Documentary 'Call me Salma' On Hijiras in Dhaka from 2009

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