Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Gujarati movie explores gay issues

Prince Manavendra Singh Gohil
Source: Times of India

A Gujarati movie 'Meghdhanush [rainbow] - The colour of life' aims to explore the psychological anguish and difficulties that homosexuals face at various stages of their lives. Manavendra Singh Gohil, erstwhile prince of Rajpipla and gay rights activist, was in the city on Saturday dubbing for the movie in which he has a guest appearance.
"This is my way of expressing my support to the movie," said Gohil. "Mainstream cinema is a powerful medium to discuss any issue. We can talk and argue about our rights as part of a gay community, but when a person from outside the community makes a movie about gays, people can understand our perspective."
Citing the difficulties that gays face, Gohil said, "Unawareness is a major reason for discrimination of homosexuals. While coming out to my parents was a bit easier, coming out in front of the world was more difficult. The public outcry did unnerve me but I had resolved that I will break the general homosexuality-related misconceptions and advance my work in gay rights and awareness."

'Meghdhanush' aims to create some awareness on the issue. It is a family drama, which takes the audience through a homosexual's anxiety and problems. Director Dr D N Devmani said, "It is an effort from our side to spread the message of respecting and accepting any individual, not ridiculing him."

The movie features gay actors along with Gujarati cinema's seasoned actors Jeet Upendra and Asha Panchal. "The support from the cast and crew of the movie was heartwarming," says the director. "Gay rights can not be won in courtrooms but should be won in the hearts and minds of people," said Manavendra. "Our duty is to educate people, no matter how long it takes."
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