Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Audio: LibDem MP slams record on LGBT asylum

LiberalDemocrat MP Mike Hancock has slammed the record of the government on LGBT asylum.

Hancock is the MP of Robert Segwanyi, a gay Ugandan asylum seeker who was saved from removal at the last moment last month. Segwanyi has a fresh judicial hearing November 3.

He is also the MP of a gay Iranian whose asylum case Hancock is supporting.

Speaking to Gaydar radio's Scott Roberts, Hancock said of the government's commitment to LGBT rights globally, championed by Prime Minister David Cameron this weekend, in the light of these asylum cases, "they say one thing and do another." Hancock charged that these cases had been "mishandled" and that others had also been.

Hancock's comments came on the eve of the attempted removal of another gay Ugandan, Kenneth, only stopped because he fought all the way on to the plane and a couple of weeks after the removal of gay Ugandan David, who has subsequently disappeared.
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