Thursday, 13 October 2011

Video: Suriname’s first National Coming Out Day

Source: Stabroek News

The organizers of Suriname’s first National Coming Out Day and the manifestation at Independence Square yesterday say that a start has been made with this activity and it can only become bigger. After a slow start, more and more people started showing up and yelled ‘It’s okay to be gay.’

The call by the event’s organizers, the LGTB Platform consisting of different gay rights organizations, to prominent politicians to show support seems to have been heeded. Parliamentarians Harish Monorath and Shailendra Girjasingh, as well as U.S. Ambassador John Nay attended the festivities.

“The USA has also had its problems with accepting gays. That did not change overnight. Each country arrives at acceptance at its own pace”, Nay said.

“What is happening here is very positive and as Ambassador, I want to show my support. I hope that this will help to conduct a broader debate.”

Source: Star Nieuws
This video plays automatically, so view it after the jump.

Here's another Coming Our Day video (in Dutch) from Anita Chedi Shiwally (LBGT-rights Activist) Ambassador of the Surinamese People of the Foundation Malaica in the Netherlands.

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