Monday, 24 October 2011

Video: The invisible refugee: Intersex, persecution and protection

Advocates for Informed Choice Founder and Executive Director Anne Tamar-Mattis discusses the legal, medical and survival challenges that intersex refugees encounter in their cross-border searches for safe haven.

This lecture was delivered as part of Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration's Second Annual Lecture Series held June 24, 2011, in San Francisco, CA.

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  1. Unfortunate use of the word "condition" that seems to imply a medical problem. We prefer differences as in left handedness is a difference not a "condition". An inclination to look at human difference as medical not natural.

    A good lecture though and we will promote it. :)

  2. Fausto stearling gave the number of intersex at 1.9 % the Australian regester gives the number of live births , where intersex is know at the time of birth as at a minimum of 18.3 /1000 live births . The regesters are readily available and are a requiremt of the world healt organisation under the ICD 10 rules. I am sorry Anne thinks we have a medical condition and can not despite an accademic background look at the ICD numbers or accept fausto Stearlings 2000 studies.


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