Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Iraqi parliament condemns deportations from Europe

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By Paul Canning

The President of the Iraqi parliament has backed the campaign to stop forcible deportations of Iraqi refugees from the UK and Europe, the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees said yesterday.

Speaking at a meeting organised by the Iraqi Embassy in London 14 October, 0sama al-Nujaifi questioned how European Governments could send people back to Iraq by force when the country was clearly unsafe, with regular bombings and other attacks.

The President and the other MPs present agreed to demands raised by the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees to back a motion through parliament not to accept deportees into Baghdad airport. Iraq has previously refused to accept some refugees sent back to Baghdad airport on individual flights but this move would make this a policy.

Another MP, Ali Abdullah, said a delegation from the parliament had told British government representatives they would not accept Iraqi people deported by force in the future.   

Forcible deportations from the UK to Baghdad are currently suspended at least until November pending a legal challenge questioning the safety of the region. The last attempt to remove asylum seekers was in June. The United Nations has repeatedly said that Iraq remains unsafe.

The International Federation of Iraqi Refugees has reported previously that:
“Many of those who have been deported to Iraq in the past are now living in hiding, in fear of the persecution they originally left Iraq to flee. Some have been assassinated. Others have committed suicide only days after being deported or have been kidnapped and killed, while others have had mental breakdowns. Many more have had to leave the country and become refugees again.”
Deportations to the northern, Kurdish region of Iraq have been suspended since early last year after the government there refused to accept any deportees.

In September Switzerland opened an enquiry into why thousands of Iraqi asylum requests were ignored by the Federal Migration Office over the years.

Between 2006 and 2008 Swiss embassies in Syria and Egypt received some 7,000-10,000 requests for asylum from Iraqi citizens, which were put to one side by the migration office.
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  1. hahaha are they serious? How dare they send people back to their own country, just because it 'isn't safe'? Thats 90% of the damned world. Europe can't just 'suck it up' and keep every single person from a foreign country who manages to make it here, we would be destroyed. ALL THOSE ASYLUM SEEKERS ARE NOT LGBT and the majority of them don't face persecution and death in Iraq either. They just want to live on the bounty of the European welfare state.

    1,000's of Iraqi's? Also thousands of Afghans, Somalians, Tunisians, Pakistani's, Libyans, Sudanese, Turks, Congolese, and on and on and on. Do they think they're the only country on earth ?? SWEDEN where I live, has accepted 100 times more Iraqi refugees than THE U.S.A. and we are TINY. We got SEVENTY THOUSAND !!! that's not enough? THEN FUCK THEM.

    ALSO, I don't know why an LGBT site is giving a shit what the Iraqi's think considering they murder and execute gay people or even 'suspected' gays by gluing their buttocks together before torturing them.

    They also murdered over 70 young boys for dressing like an "emo" kid, just like my own son, which sent chills all the way to my bones. I fucking HATE muslims and their gay executing, teenager killing, woman stoning perversions. You know Iraq has also murdered no less than 60,000 Christians in the past 10 years, outright murders...Europe has a bizarre tendency to return asylum seeking christians to Iraq, and accepting the islamic ones. SOMEBODY tell me what the hell is going on??

    Why do we have thousands of gay and christian executing SOMALIANS living here? Sweden is a free open country for gay people, but not for much longer.

    Muslims have already started beating gays bloody if they live in the same neighborhood to run them out IN HOLLAND, alleged most liberal place on earth - and the govt does SHIT about it.

    Europe routinely rejects christians, gays, and anybody else who is in real danger, and accepts the shit of the world because 'it's just real bad where they live' GRAAAA


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