Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Video: New film looks at plight of gay Palestinian refugees in Israel

Source: yarivmozer

A new upcoming film by director Yariv Mozer.

Early morning, the streets of south Tel Aviv are still empty. Louie, age 31, looks right, and left, and then again. He makes his way onto a side street, scanning the people around him. He then approaches a bus stop and waits calmly, always looking down, the scar across his cheek shimmering in the light, a Jewish Star dancing gently around his neck. Louie wonders: should he put his yarmulke on too? He boards the bus and sits down, glancing at the attractive man near him. A border policeman comes into view. Louie panics: should he make an exit?

In Israel’s liberal cultural capital, Louie found the freedom to express his homosexuality in a physical way that the social mores and laws of Palestinian society do not permit. And so this man has been hiding in Tel Aviv for so many years, so desperately alone; you need nothing more than to look into his tender eyes to see it. Louie always dodges other Palestinians or even Arab Israelis (gay ones too) who could inform his family in Nablus – or his relatives in Jaffa – of his whereabouts. Louie has no address, no passport, no true friends, no real lovers.

The film “The Invisible Men” will tell Louie’s story as he navigates his complicated reality between the Occupied Territories and Israel. On that journey, we will discover other gay Palestinian men in hiding, be they in Tel Aviv’s open-air prison, the West Bank’s gay underground, or yet worse, Gaza’s cage. We will render these “invisible men” undeniably visible.


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