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Claim: No gays in Chechnya

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By GayRussia.Ru

We already heard from the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that there are no gays in Iran, a country where homosexuality is punished by death penalty. A Chechen news agency seems to be of the same position.

"There is no such "immoral phenomenon" as homosexuality in Chechnya" said the News Agency 'The Chechen Republic Today'.

"The country does not have such completely amoral phenomena as drug addiction, pedophilia, homosexuality and prostitution, which are all alien to Chechens," writes Marat Batalov, a columnist of the agency in an article published on June 29 in 'Russians, look at the roots'.

This categorical statement recalls previous anti-gay speeches of Ramzan Kadirov, the head of the Chechen Republic who once said in June 2008:
"For a Chechen, the worst crime is to say: I'm friend with a gay! I should not even utter a word,"
In 2009, Ramzan Kadyrov also verbally attacked gay clubs in Russia which according to him aimed at "weakening the state, the weakening of the will, honor and courage."
"Gay clubs open! Every day! If it goes on like this, we will simply have no power, no spirit," he said in an interview to Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
Meanwhile, it is clear that if homosexuality is forced into resistance in Chechnya, it is as common as in any other part of the world. The invisibility of gays and lesbians do not mean their absence. The fear to be open about their sexual orientation in the Chechen Republic only force gays and lesbians to keep as discreet as possible. Those who can choose to emigrate in Moscow but the Russian capital is not a very welcoming place for people from the Caucasus.
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  1. Kadyrov: For a Chechen the gravest crime is to say: I'm friends with a gay person! - I was constantly raped in the Soviet army by a Chechen guy. I am not attracted to men, but I was in a situation where I could not resist as I had death threats in case if I told anyone. Now I understand why. This is why I hate homosexuals.


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