Friday, 16 September 2011

Belorussian gay leader to visit UK

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By Logan Mucha

Deputy Chairman Sergey Yenin of Belorussian LGBT rights group IDAHO-BELARUS will be brought to the UK in October, courtesy of the Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival, for the screening of acclaimed documentary East Bloc Love.

The Australian documentary follows the actions of a small group of Belarusian LGBT activists preparing to march on the streets of the capital Minsk, to show their pride in spite of a government ban and threats of beatings from skinheads.
“I’ve been beaten by police, thrown out of my university by the secret police and exiled to Warsaw, but I will not be silenced by the dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenka.

“Gay people in Belarus have no voice, so I’m grateful for being given the opportunity to highlight our cause to the wider European community” said Mr Yenin.
Following its successful world premiere at the San Francisco Frameline LGBT International Film Festival, East Bloc Love will mark its UK premiere at the Old Market Hall on 15 October at 1.30pm.

Sponsoring the event are the West Mercia Police, who will have a chance to see how the police in a dictatorship treat issues of homophobia and political activism.

Mr Yenin, who appears in the film, will be chairing a Q + A at the screening’s conclusion.

The sixth Rainbow Film Festival takes place from 14 – 16 October at the Old Market Hall Cinema in Shrewsbury.

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