Monday, 22 August 2011

In Zimbabwe, outed gay journalist 'not going anywhere' - despite Mugabe's threats

By Paul Canning

A gay journalist, Robert Mukondiwa, discovered in flagrante delicto with a man in Namibia whilst covering a visit by President Mugabe says he is "not going anywhere". This is despite the news of the outing apparently reaching Mugabe who reportedly asked who was 'protecting him'.

Mukondiwa is a senior Zimbabwean journalist. Last year he was reportedly caught having sex with another reporter in the newsroom of government owned The Herald by a security guard.

Zimbabwe Reporter said:
Editors at Zimpapers take turns to accompany the President on his lucrative trips where they are paid hefty allowances. Mukondiwa accompanied President Mugabe to cover the summit of liberation war movements in SADC last week.

While in Windhoek, Mukondiwa, one of the finest journalists in the country, reportedly shared a room with an intelligence operative to mitigate the costs. But while the CIO operative was away, Mukondiwa hired a male gay hooker for a good time.

But the CIO operative returned earlier than anticipated and walked in on the two while they were humping. He reportedly alerted Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba. The matter was said to have reached Mugabe’s ears, who blew his top.
The newspaper suggested that he was being protected by Information minister Webster Shamu.

According to opposition website Zimbabwe News Online Mukondiwa is on the payroll of the ruling ZANUPF party and is a member of Mugabe's presidential staff.

Zimbabwe Online Press says he may face another disciplinary hearing. Before his last one a Herald source told Zimdiaspora:
“We have no problem in the two having a homosexual relationship, but converting the newsroom into a bedroom is uncalled for."
Meanwhile, reports that homophobia is being used to fuel a schism in the Anglican Church that favours Mugabe supporters . This led last week to one priest being driven from his home.
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