Tuesday, 9 August 2011

In Liverpool, one young gay refugee shows his Pride

Zac Daily outside the Liver Building
Last Saturday, Liverpool held its second official Pride Festival. Over 40,000 attended - twice last year's number.

Amongst those there was 'Zac Daily', a young gay refugee from the Middle East.

Here 'Zac Daily' talks of his joy at attending this out'n'proud event:
"The 6th of August was the second Liverpool Gay Pride Festival — a day without fearing for being who you are, not what you have become."

"The day started full of excitement and happiness. I was thinking 'what is going to happen?' It's really strange for a person who comes from a different culture, used to always hiding his sexuality, that I am going to walk for the second time in a big gay festival."

"The first time was crazy. I was so nervous and wondering what people were going to think about me. I spent a long time thinking about what to wear in the march, but someone told me that I am going to be 'the angel of the Armistead centre' (The Armistead centre is a NHS Liverpool Community Health service for LGBT)."

"I was so happy and thinking how amazing I am going to be! I was thinking to write again something on my chest saying 'Summer of Gay Love', as the theme is 'Summer of love'."

"The march started and I was so excited, shouting and waving the rainbow flag: The best flag I have ever seen in my life, full of colour, it's shining around the Pier Head in Liverpool. I couldn’t express how proud I am. I just want to say it loud! 'You talking about human being. You talking about people who is trying to be themselves.'"

"I was so annoyed that we saw six or seven people holding signs against us. It is just crazy - because of them people kill themselves, because of them people hate themselves, because of them people don’t accept themselves. We are in 2011! When is that bullying and hate going to stop?"
"Being gay is an issue for some people and I learned that you should not be scared of who you are. Don’t be scared to lose your friends or family. A person who loves you inside will stick by you. Be honest with yourself and you will see how amazing you are. I am living my own life and enjoying every bit of it - and the best thing I’ve ever learned from Liverpool is to be proud of who I am."


  1. like zac says, we are now in 2011 and thankfully parts of the middle east have become much more western in recent years and are more accepting of people for who they are, including their sexuality. this is a step in the right direction and is good news for refugees like zac.

  2. Indeed, they should not be afraid of their preferences.

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