Thursday, 4 August 2011

Action alert: Uganda: Call for police to investigate raids on LGBT groups

Ugandan Police Force
Inspector General Edward Kale Kayihura
By Paul Canning

International NGO Human Rights First (HRF) has issued a call for pressure on the Ugandan authorities to properly investigate last week's break ins at the offices of LGBT groups Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) and Freedom and Roam Uganda (FARUG). And FARUG are calling for financial and technical support to replace their losses.

The SMUG raid was thwarted by employees presence but the raid on FARUG led to the theft of computers, equipment, and the electronic database containing members' names. The police didn't show up until Monday despite multiple calls for help, and, say HRF, "don't appear to be giving the case much attention."

Say HRF:
"The atmosphere in Uganda is conducive to discrimination and violence. A thorough, fair investigation into these recent criminal acts will help protect gay and lesbian Ugandans. Write the Ugandan Police Commissioner today and urge him to carry out a full investigation into the incidents."
FARUG have asked for "all kinds of support financially, technically and emotionally". The group say that they need to:
  • Hire a security guard
  • Install security cameras and buy a generator, due to power problems in Uganda
  • Replace stolen equipment
  • Purchase backups for computers
  • Internet installation
  • You can make payments to FARUG at PayPal account
They say:
"The struggle continues. These kinds of things are just one way of distracting us. We shall not give in to them."
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