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In Guerrero, Mexico, LGBT march against violence, demand justice

Murdered activist Leija Herrera
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Before hundreds of pedestrians and motorists, a thousand gays, lesbians and transgender people marched 1 July in the tenth Pride march in Guerrero the capital city of Chilpancingo state.

The appointment was at five in the afternoon at the Memorial Flags, where activists from different municipalities in the state gathered and marched in a light rain, with the intention to hear the collective complaints against homophobia and discrimination experienced by homosexuals in the state, in which there have been more than 20 crimes against gay men and transgender people in the last two years.

Throughout the march and the political and cultural event in the main square of the city the theme was the demand of the government of Guerrero, led by Angel Aguirre Rivero, of the Democratic Revolution Party, to do justice for the murder of activist Quetzalcoatl gay Leija Herrera, who was found dead next to the Zocalo on 4 May.

The president of the Center for Studies and Projects for Human Development (Ceprodehi), José Lavosiere Luquín Jimenez Herrera recalled that Leija was a tireless activist, who organized the last five Pride marches and never stopped lobbying the government and lawmakers to criminalise homophobic hate crimes and pass a law similar to that in Mexico City.

Herrera said it is necessary that the State Attorney's Office arrest the murderers of Leija. Along with Mrs. Guadalupe Herrera, Herrera Leija's mother, the crowd sent a strong message for justice to the state attorney general, Alberto Lopez Rosas.

The Ombudsman of the state of Guerrero, Juan Alarcón Hernández, greeted the activists and showed his support for the demands of the group. He informed them that his commission was making the necessary arrangements for cases of collective discrimination against people of sexual diversity arises and that they are not forgotten.

Olivia Hill, representing the state Health Secretaríaa, spoke out against discrimination against homosexuals and said that her agency has an open approach to sexual diversity, where "respect for the right to health to those who belong to the community" is paramount. Therefore, she added, "we have launched campaigns aimed at health sector".

In this tenth Pride joined a large contingent of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), whose participants said they were not necessarily gay, but yes, heterosexual aware of the violation of rights of the sector lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transvestite transgender and intersex, therefore, consistent with the statutes of the PRD, support their demands.

So said Diana Sánchez Barrios, who attended the rally in behalf of the National Coordination of Sexual Diversity PRD.

Before giving way to cultural event, activist Francisco Alberto Mogollon, from Acapulco, agreed that the unity and solidarity of all groups in Guerrero allow further advances in rights, since despite substantial changes in the state in this matter, "homophobic attitudes and discriminatory towards trans people, gays and lesbians persist."

He welcomed the recognition and teamwork that make some public institutions with the various groups, both as Chilpancingo Acapulco, but called on the hundreds of marchers for increased participation and union when political strategies are concerned.

Finally, the journalist and activist Arzeta Emiliano García, who led the political and cultural event, encouraged the more than thousand participants in the march to denounce acts of discrimination and homophobia visible because silence, said, "hurts us individually and collectively ".

Throughout the event people were invited to participate in the first Pride march in Zumpango, which is an hour away from the state capital, July 2.
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