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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

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Dear readers,

During the past few weeks you may have read stories on LGBT Asylum News from, amongst other countries, Venezuela, Malawi, Kenya, Ireland, Qatar, Iran, Bahrain, Morocco, Mexico, Sierra Leone, Russia, Nigeria, Bahamas and Uganda. You could have read about developments for asylum seekers and refugees in Europe, France, Italy, USA, Sweden, the UK, South Africa, Scotland, Canada, Poland, Japan, Wales, Ukraine and Australia. And you may have seen original stories from a number of contributors.

Our content is read by thousands of people like you every week and as you may have noticed our stories regularly appear elsewhere, both on blogs and in mainstream outlets. This month, one of our stories on homophobia in Nigeria's football federation sparked an international campaign. And we do a lot of work behind the scenes, offering advice and help. Apparently we are:
"An important, valuable source for news and information on LGBT refugee issues; reporting on the plight of LGBT people in the 'global south,' which other news and asylum outlets have frequently neglected." - says Peter Tatchell.
We also work behind the scenes helping individuals directly or through referral and other help. People like Robert Segwanyi and, currently, David Mugwera.

Surprise! Producing this "valuable" website does come with a cost — so if you like what we do, often come back to read what we post, or make use of our content, please consider making a donation, large or small. It all helps keep LGBT Asylum News going.

You can do this via PayPal*, to account or you can make a direct payment to Halifax Bank of Scotland, sort code: 111431 account #: 00105866

All donation support gratefully received!

How else can I help?
  • Pass on this call for support via email or via social networks.
  • We are always looking for contributors, whether ideas or comment or feedback. Many of the stories you see come from tips, ideas or from contributors. email
  • Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter - and share our Facebook posts or retweet our tweets.
  • Help us with translation.
We are currently working on creating an organisation to ensure the sustainability of LGBT Asylum News. If this is something you would like to help with then do get in touch.
Thank you ♥

Paul Canning, Editor, LGBT Asylum News

*Note: If they use a credit or debit card on PayPal there will be a small fee. You can decide to pay this or pass it on.
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  1. Thank you for this site. It is truly valuable!

  2. Hello,
    Was interested in emailing you but could not find a contact address on the website. Just to let you know that MESMAC don't actually run and LGBT asylum group in Leeds anymore, it has been taken over by ReachOUT ( Would you be able to update your records on the asylum seeker/migrant support page please?

    Many thanks :)


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