Monday, 20 June 2011

Video: Refugee Week 2011.. and something you can do

Source: British Red Cross

Today is international Refugee Day, the beginning of Refugee Week.

There are events and actions going on all over the world. One action which you can take would be to support the campaign in the UK to stop the removal of Iraqis to Baghdad, scheduled for tomorrow.

In the UK, here is an update of events around the country. Here's info on events in Australia.

More videos:

Scottish Refugee Council: Courage: 60 Years of the UN Refugee Convention

In Perth, Australia, Refugee Rights Action Network marked Refugee Week (in song!) with a protest at the Serco-run immigration detention centre

Produced by Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship, "Farmer Wants a Life", while a fictional composite of Australia's many successful refugee stories portrayed by actors, tells the story of Ali and his wife. Ali, a farmer in his home country, but now a settled refugee, works on a farm in Australia after feeling civil war. Ali's wife is a local doctor in the town near where they live and both are working to save to buy a farm of their own. The story shows how experiences from overseas have enriched Australia's communities as refugees settle in towns throughout the country, bringing skills, culture and a commitment to starting a new life.

This is a short clip of yesterday's 'Umbrella Parade' for Refugee Week in London. Similar parades took part in cities across Europe yesterday.

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