Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Video: New film documents the accommodations of gay life in China

Source: Gay China Film Project

Indigogo campaign from Sophia Luvara' on Vimeo.

Stampede presents our latest documentary project, code-named “The Gay China Film”. Homosexuality has been legal in China since 1997, but the people’s adjustment on both sides of the fence is a fascinating performance of carrying on, as if nothing is happening. Imagine great crowds of gay men and lesbian women meeting to choose one another as partners, just to keep their parents satisfied that the family blood-line has a chance of continuing.

Feng finds himself in an invidious situation, with no right choices. In a China still living under the yoke of the ‘One Child Policy’, where the vast majority of families only produce one child, marriage and having babies have become the most important issues in a young Chinese person’s life.

The utilitarian approach of the State combined with the family-centred hangover of Confucianism means that you would be selfish or foolish not to understand your role at the centre of this issue.

Consider the flamboyant first Gay Pride celebration just 8 years after homosexuality was declassified as a ‘disturbed mental disorder.’

Stampede has begun work on a hugely intriguing documentary following Chinese gay men, looking for love, alongside the search for a female partner. Delving in to how gay culture is growing in the East, but in a way which is poles apart from the West’s, The Gay China Film is  a 2-year project showing some of the most astounding stories of gay rights in one of the world’s most oppressed (and perhaps confused) societies.

We are in great need of funds for the project and are asking for your kind donations via IndieGoGo. We have the people to follow, we have the plan. Your money will go towards the initial filming stage of the documentary out in China, needed for travel, accommodation, and other running costs of the most important part of the project.

Your donation, small or large, will be very much appreciated. Our dedicated project website is almost ready, where you’ll be able to follow our progress through a blog, twitter, photo and video. You’ll also get to know our team and how the documentary process can really work!

We thank you very, very much in advance for your help – and if you have any questions before donating, please do email

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