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Nigeria's women's football team 'bans lesbians', FIFA criticised

ABUJA,NIGERIA - JANUARY 19:  Falcons coach Uch...Eucharia Uche receiving a gift from FIFA Competitions Manager, Oliver Vogt. Image by Getty Images via @daylife
By Paul Canning

The Nigerian women's football team, the Falcons, has expelled a number of lesbians, according to a report in a Nigerian newspaper.

The news has been reported in Germany, where the Nigerian team is to meet the German team in a FIFA Women's World Cup game 30 June.

Nigerian newspaper Sun News reports that Coach Eucharia Uche told Daily Sunsports last weekend that "lesbianism could be counted as a thing of the past among [the Nigerian women's team]".
"Yes, lesbianism used to be a big problem in the team, but since I took over as the chief coach of Falcons, I think the problem has been dealt with. Lucky, some of the girls played with me and they know my dos and don'ts. They know that I cannot tolerate such a nasty practice. In fact, lesbianism does not currently exist in Falcons' camp and nobody discusses it."

"The players have come to know God now unlike what we had in the past. Most of them lived in ignorance, but now, they have realised the truth through proper counselling."

"We now have a bunch of players that are thirsty for the things of God and with that, they are now more committed and devoted to their games, knowing that football can attract fame, fortune and joy to their hearts quite unlike lesbianism that can ruin them. The Christians among them now go to church and on our own, we periodically organise non-denominational prayer sessions."

"We have seen the result of our efforts and I can tell you that lesbianism is now a thing of the past in the camp of the Super Falcons."
Uche "shocked" her audience at a event in 2009 'First Seminar on Women Football in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects' shortly before she was hired "with the startling admittance that some of the country's female players often times indulged in lesbian practices."
“It's a worrisome experience that some of our players indulge in lesbianism. Some of them go as far as renting rooms in hotels around the team's campsite where they go to satisfy their orgy," Uche said.
“A good number of them even bring their male friends into the camp. It's a serious development that has been detrimental to the team's growth and performance."
The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF)'s Chief Media Officer, Ademola Olajire, has previously denounced "women sleeping with their fellow women as love birds".
“We all know of these vices because lesbianism has become a thing of common knowledge that the female footballers no more hide it among themselves. However, those who indulge in the nasty act had promised to stop it and the NFF is putting measures in place to ensure that they keep to their promises,” Olajire said.
The former NFF technical assistant Sir James Peters, told The Sun News:
"Having coached female teams in the US, I have an in-depth knowledge about how lesbians operate."

"When I was in charge of the Falconets, we did not allow lesbian to stay in the same room. We took time to identify all of them and checkmated them with some restrictions."

"The act was rampart with the Super Falcons that played at the World Cup in China and at the African Women Championship in Equatorial Guinea. It was during those tournaments that I discovered the lesbians in the team."

"When I was drafted to work with the Falcons last year, I decamped some of the players, not because they were not good players, but because they were lesbians. It did not go down well with some of the players because we made sure that neither the 'husband' nor the 'wife' made the team,” Peters said.
Peters confirmed that in the past he had excluded players from the national team because they are lesbians.

Last year, Nigeria accused Equatorial Guinea of using at least one and perhaps two male players on its team because of their supposed masculine appearance.

FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, states as part of its mission a desire to use the game in “overcoming social and cultural obstacles for women with the ultimate aim of improving women’s standing in society.”

FIFA has been heavily criticised for awarding the Men's Word Cup to Qatar, where homosexuality is illegal.

Joanie Evans of England, who is a co-president of the International Gay and Lesbian Football Association, told the New York Times that her group was “appalled” by the Nigeria situation.
“Women in sport are seen as a poor relation as it is. To discriminate against women again because of their sexuality is really damaging.”
Evans criticized FIFA for not being as forceful in fighting against homophobia as it has been trying to counter racism in soccer. FIFA said that gender discrimination was strictly prohibited and that violations could result in suspensions or expulsions, but that it could not comment on the Nigeria case because it had received no official information or complaints.

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  1. Human race should be ashamed...,What does anyone sexual orientation has to do with one's hobby or career?. It's not enough to discriminate and minimise women chances in politics, office space, social spaces, dressing code, cultural tradition that no one cares about but to cast them out of the one thing some women find refugee in doing "Football".How far will human race go to eliminate and squeeze the best thing that happen to some women in this patriarchy and hetero-world.
    Coach "Uche" is a disgrace to women, for supporting the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF), It was hard enough and still is for the women who play football to enhance and be support media promotions and tickets selling for the world's support and be televised world wide like the men's world cup.
    Not many countries are aware of the women world cup and for her to tarnish the some of the great women footballers and end a dream of the up coming women footballer with her innuendos. I'm disgusted by her remarks, "Lesbianism does not exist in Falcon". God does not exist in this world, does that mean He is not there,,,The sooner you accept being a is lesbian not a crime nor a menace to society but being an educated-ignorant human being with the heart full of hate and rage to fellow human race is...!I ask views is women football a lesbian game to women who love it and watch it?
    Being Queer is not easy nor is it an occupation,a career one chooses, a practice that lesbians love,it's hard enough not fitting in this perverted world for anyone to Kill and corrupt another persons dreams and achievement.
    Trust me humans, a day is coming when all the women who work on "men sorted field of work" that is portrayed by Patriarchy societies, will be branded Lesbians including coach UCHE.
    Coach Uche stop misleading the world with the "Falesbcon"

  2. Yemisi Ilesanmi22 June 2011 at 14:43

    I wonder how anyone could make such stupid utterances in this modern age as allegedly made by this coach Uche. What has anyone's sexuality or religious beliefs got to do with a professional career in sport? Since when is sexual orientation and religious beliefs a criteria for qualifying to play and represent your country in sports? This coach has said enough in her comments to warrant a call for her resignation. Denying good female players opportunity to represent their country because of their sexual orientation? Forcing personal religious beliefs on adult professionals? This is only possible in a backward country and people like coach Uche makes it more difficult for Africa to emerge from the dark ages and makes the human race a laughing stock!

  3. Really, there's nowhere to begin. Africa is completely deformed by colonial exploitation and not the least of thast is the terrible legacy of Victorian missionaries and their evangelical rubbish. People harass homosexuals whilst gang-rape is common and men are allowed to rape their wives: nobody speaks of it so it must not exist. keppchattering on about God and you are a good person. It's infantile stuff; the morality of children.

  4. This is stupid. I dont have enough words to express how disappointed i am with this Retired Lesbian Eucharia. She has her history as a Lesbian or maybe she has seen the light. This is crazy.


  6. Canada should refuse to play their game agains nigeria in an act of solidarity for queers everywhere.

  7. It is great because they can improve,


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