Friday, 10 June 2011

In Puerto Rico, third killing of LGBT person in 72 hours

Ramón “Moncho” Salgado
Ramón “Moncho” Salgado

By Michael K. Lavers

“Primera Hora” reported 9 June that Ramón “Moncho” Salgado was found dead along the side of a highway in Humacao on the island’s eastern coast. Thomas J. Bryan Picó, executive director of la Fundación Gaviota, told the newspaper that Salgado was a 46-year-old gay man who lived in Humacao. “Primera Hora” reported that Salgado’s body showed signs of blunt trauma.

Bryan pointed out that Salgado is the third LGBT Puerto Rican who has been found dead in 72 hours. As EDGE reported 6 June, a transgender woman was found shot to death in a Santurce intersection. Karlota Gómez Sánchez’s body was discovered roughly 48 hours after Alejandro Torres Torres was found stabbed to death in Ponce.

Salgado is the 18th LGBT Puerto Rican who has been murdered on the island over the last year and a half. This is simply unacceptable. And people really need to begin to pay attention to this appalling situation in Puerto Rico that continues to grow worse by the day.
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