Monday, 27 June 2011

In Moscow, 'bestial' murder of trans woman

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By Anton Schteinberg

Sources: GayRussia.Ru, Life News

On July 24, 2011, mutilated body of a young man in female dress was disclosed near Kazan railroad in Moscow. The homeless people living in self-built squatter settlement nearby noticed it first and informed police.

Experts determined that the murder was committed on Monday or Tuesday. Presumably, the victim was stunned by 2-3 head punches, and then the killer cut the one's throat.

There is absolutely no any doubt that the transvestite or transsexual person was killed intentionally. The most probable version of the crime ground is the detestation to homo- and transsexual people.

LGBT hate crimes become more and more frequent in Russia. Authorities absolutely do not take care of such hate actions at all, and do not consider any crimes against LGBT people as aggravated crimes.

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