Sunday, 12 June 2011

In Cameroon, another violent attack on gay people

By Paul Canning

The Cameroonian LGBT support group ADEFHO (Association  pour  la  Défense des Homosexuels, Association for the Defense of Homosexuals) and SID’ADO (Les Adolescents Contre le Sida, Teenagers Against HIV/AIDS) reports that a suspected gay couple were violently attacked in a mixed bar 14 May.

Yannick and Christian were drinking in the gay-friendly bar in Mango, a suburb of Yaounde, when they were attacked by "a gang of four young people", one of whom was Yannick's cousin.

Yannick was particularly visciously attacked, he had "several broken ribs, serious injuries and nearly lost an eye."

The attackers, along with other people who came to the bar because of the altercation, dragged Christian around the neighborhood saying that they would burn him alive. The groups say this was because they said that "Yannick had become gay because of him." Other customers at the bar were attacked with clubs and machetes but were able to save Christian from being burnt alive.

Sid'Ado and ADEFHO have denounced the "barbaric scenes of extraordinary violence."

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