Thursday, 16 June 2011

Event: LGBT asylum in Scotland network meeting

Sanctuary, Safety and Solidarity
LGBT asylum in Scotland network meeting

  • Wednesday 29th June 12.30 - 2.00pm
  • Seminar Room 3, Wolfson Medical School Building, University of Glasgow Glasgow G12 8QQ [Map]
A follow up meeting to major research published in March 2011, research which highlighted significant gaps in the support available to LGBT asylum seekers in Scotland. This network meeting is open to anyone interested in helping to campaign for justice for LGBT asylum seekers and refugees. It will discuss how best to develop shared information, training and campaign resources, with discussions based around the research report's recommendations:
We wish to see a radically different asylum process for LGBT asylum seekers, one which is 
  • fair, informed and without prejudice 
  • places respect for human rights at the cornerstone of all its decision making
  • allows sufficient time for LGBT asylum seekers to safely tell their stories
  • ensures sufficient access to specialist legal advice and representation throughout
  • celebrates the importance of offering protection to those fleeing persecution
  • does not routinely rely on the use of detention and fast-track decision making
We wish to see a reduction in the social isolation and mental health suffering experienced by LGBT asylum seekers/refugees, including by
  • restoring the right to work for asylum seekers
  • having an asylum support system in which no one is left in poverty and all have a sufficient income to lead a dignified life
  • ensuring access to suitable housing throughout the whole asylum process
  • encouraging the provision of safe spaces for LGBT asylum seekers to access support within community settings
  • enabling services to be sensitive to the individual needs of lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender asylum seekers/refugees, including children and young adults
  • giving a voice to LGBT asylum seekers/refugees to have their stories heard and to influence service development
We wish to forge new and innovative partnerships in order to bring about lasting change for people fleeing
  • persecution because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, including by:
  • enhancing links between LGBT organisations, refugee community groups, immigration lawyers, academics and activists
  • facilitating the development of a network of organisations in Scotland which by pooling resources and knowledge will act as a coordinating hub, source of expert help and a catalyst for change
  • celebrating diversity and creating unity through the use of arts and cultural activity
  • developing a range of information and educational tools that improve awareness of the human rights abuses suffered by LGBT people across the globe
  • creating pathways for joint work between Scottish LGBT and human rights organisations and international NGOs working in countries where LGBT people face persecution
The LGBT asylum network meeting is preceded by a networking lunch and a meeting of Glasgow Action Group.

To book a please contact Lynne Davies Call 0131 467 6039
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