Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lebanese bloggers join International Day Against Homophobia; participate in massive Brazil action against hate crimes

LGBT Lebanese bloggers have launched a joint blog to prepare for and promote Lebanon’s International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) events, coming up in a fortnight.

Eight bloggers are contributing at time of writing.

Discussion on Lebanon’s International Day Against Homophobia is also happening on twitter using the hashtags #LebLGBT and #LebIDAHO

IDAHO events internationally are being added to the website

The organisation has announced that the United Nations will be releasing ahead of IDAHO a first ever brochure highlighting UN official positions on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Human Rights. The brochure will be launched by a video adress from Human Rights Commissionner Navanethem Pillay.

Other events or actions announced include that the Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide project (TvT) will publish on its website an interactive map documenting over 550 killings of trans people worldwide since 2008.

Dozens of events will be happening throughout the UK. In Japan, 17 cities will host initiatives including an effort by the LGBT community to write letters of support for people impacted by the Tsunami and Earthquake. Eight cities in China will host events. US events will include for the first time ever an event in the State of Idaho.

In Burundi, LGBT groups will inaugurate the first shelter home for LGBT people who have been kicked out of their homes. Organisations Boys of Bangladesh and BANDHU are holding a series of conferences, film screenings and discussions on legal aspects within Universities to increase awareness amongst students. Kenyan LGBT people and sex workers will be marching in Kisumu and Nairobi and holding a one-day training session for police forces, lawyers and health care providers - plus a fashion show.

On 18 May thousands of activists will march on Brazil’s capital in the largest day of action against hate crimes and homophobia in Brazil's history. say this is a key opportunity to show Brazil's political leaders that people everywhere are demanding urgent action to end the escalating hate and violence. They are asking for supporters around the world to submit photos of themselves by 5 May (tomorrow) holding a sign urging the passage of an anti-hate crimes law to be included in a massive visual projection.

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