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Video: Turkish film explores transsexual lives in Istanbul

Source: De Balie

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On Saturday, April 2 organize Foundation Pera, COC and COC Netherlands Amsterdam De Balie film with a debate on gay and transgender people in Turkish society. De Balie, the film Teslimiyet (Other Angels), in Turkey much commotion, below. This is the European premiere of this film. There is an introduction provided by Dennis Boutkan (COC Chairman), afterwards followed by a Q & A (tbc) Emre Yalgin with the director and the public. Afterwards there an episode of Pink Paradiso in Istanbul.

The film Teslimiyet (Other Angels) came out in Turkey in December 2010 and was the biggest newspaper in Turkey (Hurriyet) "A courageous film mentioned. The film was an official entry for the Ankara Film Festival in late March in Turkey. Teslimiyet as its theme the lives of transgender prostitutes and their struggle for acceptance and equal rights. The movie is also and above all a story about people who have been sentenced to the bottom of society to live and thrive on those prejudices.

The image of transgender people in Turkey is that they are working in prostitution and that they are aggressive. Teslimiyet let people see, and with feelings of longing for love. Teslimiyet portrays the vicious circle in which transgender people in Istanbul are located, how prejudices come about in the macho society in Turkey and how they are maintained. The film is unique because the cast consists of transgenders from Istanbul, none of them are professional actors.

The film screening will be an introduction by a renowned Turkish and Dutch columnist Dennis Boutkan of COC. The moderator of the evening asking responses to known and lesser-known Turkish Dutch in the room, whether or not active in the gay network. Many guests are members and activists from Turkish gay and straight organizations from Dutch-Turkish network of Pera, Istanbul Pink, COC, The Desk, Gay Agent, and IOT HTIB. Also, guests of Moroccan, Antillean and other organizations exist because we think that the theme in other plays macho society where status and honor, and stereotypes and taboos, making the problems and the position of transgender and queer left undiscussed.

Later that night the doors open for Paradiso art and dance programs Pink Istanbul. It would require a separate visitors to buy a ticket at the door of Paradiso. Pink Istanbul is a cultural event that takes place twice a year in Paradiso and pay attention to gay and transgender communities in Istanbul and Amsterdam. Pink Istanbul offers an audio-visual art, music and dance night with DJs, VJs and live performers from the gay scenes of Istanbul and Amsterdam.

The Pink Istanbul Foundation Programme is an initiative of Pera, is led by Serdar Manavoglu and is a collaboration between Pera, Paradiso, COC and COC Netherlands.

Premiere Teslimiyet (Other Angels) De Balie

Turkey, 2010, 96 '
Director: Emre Yalgin
Cast: Gorkem Arslan, Didem Soylu, Seyhan Arman, Kilic Buse Kaya

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