Monday, 11 April 2011

Poland to offer Belarussians free visas to Warsaw Pride?

The Belarussian website GayBy.Net reports that Polish and Belarusian LGBT activists have received positive feedback from authorities for free visas for poor Belarussian, Russians and Ukrainians to attend Warsaw's Pride Parade.

The tenth 'Equality Parade' will take place on the streets of the Polish capital June 11.

'Schengen' visas cost €60, beyond the reach of some Eastern Europeans. Activist Slava Bortnik said that the Polish Foreign Ministry are "sympathetic to the request and advised me to contact the Polish consulate in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine."

Equality Parade organiser Vyacheslav Bortnik said:
"We understand that the decision to grant a visa is taken from the circumstances of each individual case, but we hope that we will achieve this plan. Now I look forward to the official response from the Polish Consulate, which will inform you of immediately."
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