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Mexican police arrest five gays as being "a threat to families"

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Source: Puebla Online

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Municipal Police in the city of Puebla was arrested and sent to court qualifier to a group of five gay men for the "crime" of "being a nuisance and a danger to families," that drew these men into prostitution in one of the main thoroughfares of the capital.

A little less than a month after management began PAN mayor Eduardo Rivera Pérez - a character linked to right-wing organization, El Yunque - arrests of prostitutes by the capital's security agents have intensified.

Even the National Action aldermen are trying to encourage the creation of a "tolerance zone" in the Historical Center to try to resolve this "problem" of prostitution.

This has caused outrage from activists and organizations that defend human rights and reproductive rights, who lamented that the mayor is putting their personal and religious beliefs over the legal framework. In addition, they said, Rivera Perez is overlooking a year ago told local Congress Puebla as a secular state.

For now, the president of the Human Rights Commission cabildo of Puebla, the PRI Montalvo Sandra Domínguez, added this case to the investigation that began several weeks ago by police abuse against prostitutes. He said that will be held accountable to the head of the Department of Public Safety and Municipal Transit (SSPTM), Philip Amadeo Lara Lump-known native of Toluca, the capital of Puebla to know why they are increasing catches and what steps have been taken to prevent abuse to these workers.

According to a report by the SSPTM, the homosexual group was arrested at the intersection of North Boulevard and Avenue 25 West, one of the most important cruise capital of Puebla, and it used the Rapid Response Team and K Immediate Response -9 which is made up of elite agents of the Municipal Police.

Regulatory Code of the Municipality of Puebla states that the local authority punishable by a fine of 10 to 100 days of minimum wage, detention for 36 hours or community work well with people "exercise, allow or are users of prostitution in places public ", but never set to cause the exercise of this is" a nuisance and a danger to the families. "

The owner of group rights and reproductive Full Life Pride Committee Puebla [Vida Plena y del Comité Orgullo Gay de Puebla], Onan Vázquez Chávez, lamented that the PAN mayor is taking that kind of attitude, because although the detention of men and women sex workers is not new, prejudice from local authorities is only spreading further discrimination and hatred.

This causes the police officers engage in more acts of corruption and commit all kinds of extortion and abuse. Puebla's government should be more concerned to implement campaigns sexual prevention of infectious diseases such as HIV, to avoid more cases of transmission as stated by the UN, said.

In addition, the Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Mexico (Ddser) Puebla chapter stressed the fact that such a reaction was expected by the president, Eduardo Rivera, who increasingly evident his conservatism.

The coordinator of this group, Natali Hernández Arias said that with the PAN in the capital will be accentuated moral judgments against those who have a different sexual preference, and that public institutions operate according to the religious convictions of their owners and not as established by law.

Expressed concern about the detention of sex workers and noted that while there has been the only one so far this year, and during the PRI governments were also common, with the administration issued the National Action is being "an inquisitive pursuit ".

He called for the municipal government of Puebla stop the harassment of prostitutes.

The Councillor Sandra Montalvo, president of the Human Rights Commission the council, called the abuses that concern the municipal police is committing against sex workers in the state capital.

She said two weeks ago and it was commissioned three complaints have come from this type of abuse, most recently, of a prostitute who was stolen by agents of that corporation.

He noted that SSPTM holder is obliged to respect the guarantees of persons who are arrested because they mark the ordinance, and not to apply personal prejudices, religious or political prejudice against citizens.

Stated that there is an ongoing investigation into these incidents and ask the Secretary of Public Security an explanation, while that seek to meet with detainees and the different gay and lesbian associations and human rights advocacy in Puebla to offer their support the search for justice, respect and enforcement.
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