Monday, 4 April 2011

In Honduras, state inaction on anti-gay violence protested

Vigil in front of Honduran Parliament
Source: El Heraldo

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Honduran justice demonstrates inability to clarify and assign responsibility for 35 murders committed against members of the gay and transgender community.

This was the claim were clustered into this community, held a vigil 17 March outside the premises of the Attorney General. They carried two coffins to represent the pain of the loss of their relatives and friends.

Regretted that no progress is made ​​known to the investigation of crimes that have caused grief, pain and tears from family and friends of the victims.

At the camp denounced the failure of the constitutional provision referred to respect for life. "We condemn the State and government of Honduras to stay in the false hope of change and improvement in quality of life of the most vulnerable in this system, such as those who belong to the Honduran sexual diversity, men and women," quotes a statement.

"Despite our efforts because we assure to life, we remain threatened, intimidated and deceived by ready answers to solve these crimes of hatred of those who have been our friends and colleagues, " he adds.

For this reason, they require the Attorney General, Luis Rubi and the Office of Human Rights play in solving the crimes and seek assurances from being victims of this scourge.
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