Thursday, 10 March 2011

Event: new research on LGBT asylum and refuge in Scotland

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A new report examining the issues and priorities for lesbian gay bisexual and transgender asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland is to be lauched at the end of the month. The report is by Tim Cowen for Everyone IN (a project delivered jointly by Equality Network and BEMIS and funded by EHRC) and will be making findings on:
  • Sanctuary: changes needed within the process of claiming asylum
  • Safety: changes needed in the way LGBT asylum seekers are supported and made to feel safe
  • Solidarity: changes needed to raise awareness of the issues faced by LGBT asylum seekers and to improve the way people work together to bring about lasting change
The launch is on Wednesday 30 March 2011 at Glasgow University's Charles Wilson Building.

9.30 – 10.00 Registration Tea and coffee 

10.00 Introduction and welcome

Tim Hopkins Equality Network, Alison Phipps Gramnet, Rami Ousta BEMIS 

10.15 Research Presentation – Tim Cowen, Everyone IN 

11.00 Personal Testimony – Maxwell T. 

11.15 Break 

11.30 Workshop discussion groups

(A)  A culture of disbelief?

      Tim Cowen, Kirsty Magahy Everyone IN

Many LGBT asylum seekers’ claims are refused as the UKBA do not believe that they are gay. How can we best support people in this situation? Is there a wider culture of disbelief within the asylum process and, if so how can we best raise awareness of problems faced by LGBT asylum seekers and refugees?

(B) Flourishing, not just surviving

     Sam Rankin, Maxwell T. Everyone IN

LGBT asylum seekers in Scotland are often very socially isolated. Due to fears about being open about their sexual orientation or gender identity it can be very difficult to access support. How can we best break down these barriers and ensure all services and community groups are inclusive and welcoming?

(C) Safety and Solidarity

      Kendra Straus, Gramnet

How does the asylum support system impact on LGBT asylum seekers? Does living in poverty and coming under pressure to ‘prove you are gay’ place asylum seekers at risk of sexual exploitation? Is there more we could be doing to campaign for a fairer system of support?  

12.40 Feedback and Next Steps

1.00 – 2.00 Networking Lunch
  • To book a place email Sam Rankin
  • The event is free.
  • For more information about Equality Network's work on LGBT asylum contact Tim Cowen timc@equality-network

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