Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Video: new German film examines lives of young gay Muslims

Source: Yagg

By Yannick Barbe

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Shahada in Arabic means "testimony of faith." The Shahada, a pillar of Islam is a faith that can be translated as: "There is no other God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger." How to reconcile faith and desires, religious practice and lifestyle, sometimes in contradiction? That is the question that the film 'Shahada' attempts to meet, crossing the stories of three young Muslims living in Berlin, including that of Sammi, a young gay who can not live openly his love affair with Daniel.

Ensemble film, then, but whose very form is often his greatest weakness: to want too many stories intertwine, Shahada loses strength. The first feature Burhan Qurbani then the costume is a little too light on the "message movie", which is not necessarily synonymous with good movies.

Its merit, however, is to break taboos, to show how fundamentalism can creep in us all, like Maryam, the daughter of Imam - Progressive - Ward, who, after having an abortion, opts for a radical vision of religion, inflicting a kind of divine punishment. Fate certainly the most striking of this work we would have liked unequal love more.

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